Notes about Envy – Ayuhal Walad (My Dear beloved Son) by Imam Ghazali RA

Last year, I had a very difficult Ramadan due to several circumstancial challenges. This year, I have conciously made an effort to prepare for the upcoming month of Mercy by focusing on my spiritual weaknesses as well as physical ones.

Any mistakes in these notes are my own. All matters of good and benefit are from God alone. If there is one disease you want to work on getting rid of this Ramadan, make it envy. This is a note first and foremost for myself. JealousyWama tawfique illah billah

1) Do not argue over religion. You will draw innumerable diseases (spiritual sickness) towards yourself.

2) Lubricities like insincerity, pride and envy; all stem from arguments. Scholastic differences are OK and not the same thing given they are in an environment and situation needed for it. That’s also one of the reasons why we should follow a madhab, to avoid arguments contrary to what happens nowadays.

3) The envious (the hasud) can never reach out and seek counsel. How unfortunate is that? Not being able to ask for help and support. Seeking counsel was prophetic tradition (sunnah). Isn’t it true that you can rationalise and see the decisions of others more clearly than your own? See the Hikmah of Allah Al Hakeem?!

4) Always gauge your audience; know them before you speak up. There are just some people who will never understand. Accept that and move on.

5) One must observe lengthy bouts of silence to be scrupulous. Don’t be covetous of dunya and you will be one of the guardians of sacred knowledge.

6) Don’t be someone who criticises others, and Allah Al Hafeez will protect other people’s tongues from speaking ill of you.

7) Envious people never gain understanding and knowledge is never made clear to them.

8) The Hasid (the one who envies) will never find Divine assistance coming their way in this life or the next.

9) Seeking refuge from shaitaan is the same as seeking refuge from a Hasid! Thats why reciting Surah Al Falaq is daily must (no.113).

10) RasulAllah ﷺ said: ‘Avoid jealousy, for jealousy devours good deeds just as fire devours wood.” – Tirmidhi


One thought on “Notes about Envy – Ayuhal Walad (My Dear beloved Son) by Imam Ghazali RA

  1. I feel an obvious choice would be a habit related to the Quran as it is the Month of the Quran. However, I’ve heard scholars recommend working on getting rid of haram inward traits such as riya (showing off in good works) as these are actually the highest priority in Shariah. They’re not in any particular order, but hopefully will help you think about the right Ramadan Habit for you. Remember these are suggested daily

    Reciting a portion of Quran a day. Reading a portion of translation a day. Reading a portion of Tafsir a day. Reading a hadith a day. Revising any memorised surahs. Perform a particular dhikr. Give sadaqah. Focus on acquiring a Sunnah trait. Review notes on Islamic sciences
    Read Islamic literature, especially Seerah. Study an Islamic science (e.g. Fiqh/Tajweed)
    Listen to a favourite scholar


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